Hello and the warmest of greetings to you from Hamburg

and into the big wide world!

It pleases us immensely to introduce ourselves to you as a company that specialises in the production of saffron (threads and powder). Saffron is particularly important to us, because it is one of the finest spices in existence and signifies enjoyment, appreciation and joie de vivre. It represents the nature's essence in the form of red gold from the heart of the earth, which is entrusted to us as a masterpiece of creation.

Um es auf den Punkt zu bringen: Wir verarbeiten (reinigen, keimreduzieren, mahlen und sieben), kontrollieren (Fremdkörperdetektion und chemische Analysen), verpacken und lagern Kräuter und Gewürze, insbesondere Safran, als zertifiziertes Unternehmen (Höheres Niveau) im Herzen von Hamburg.

For more than three generations now, we have been delivering high-value products of consistently top quality at fair terms. By doing so, we want to express our appreciation for Mother Nature, our farmers and our customers. To guarantee this, we carefully, strictly and continuously monitor our supply chain and the entire procedure of processing, packaging, storage and transport.

As part of our private label programme, we comprehensively advise and support companies and resellers so that they can use our raw materials to create their own products and sell them as their own or under a private label.

In appreciation and solidarity.

The SNA Management Team

Alireza Ranjbar


Our philosophy and vision

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. The same applies to saffron, the delicacy from the heart of the earth with its lively colours and sensual aromas. At SNA, we are convinced that we are part of something bigger: part of the tradition and history of saffron that has represented enormous value for mankind for thousands of years now, and which, as one of nature's exquisite treasures, still holds a very special fascination today, just as it did in the past.

However, our vision goes beyond pure fascination. We want people to witness and experience saffron. We see it as our responsibility to bring the aroma and taste of saffron to as many people as possible and to enrich our food culture with saffron. Our goal is to perceive the value of saffron in its colour and fragrance.

This appreciation also extends to our saffron farmers and customers and also to our employees, who work directly at our side in creating value. As a family business, we rely on people who, with their passion for saffron and our vision, help us to be a reliable partner and supplier to retail chains, industries and companies worldwide that use saffron as a raw material or to refine finished products. You can rely on us.

Our tradition

From generation to generation

Our management

Matthias Gebauer

Finance & Controlling

Alireza Ranjbar

Managing Director & Purchasing

Mohammad Ale Hosseini

Marketing & Vertrieb


Working at SNA!

We spend a large part of our life at work. SNA believes that this time should be as pleasant and varied as possible for you.

New impulses !

We recruit young people for the most part from our own training programs and thus always ensure a breath of fresh air in the company. But sometimes you also need outside impulses to get a new perspective on things. That is why we are always looking for committed people who are just as enthusiastic about the saffron industry as we are. Become part of the SNA team - we look forward to your application, work at SNA!


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