Saffron Threads

Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world and at the same time also a traditional medicinal plant. Decisive for the high quality of the product are primarily the respective physical and chemical properties of the saffron and secondly formal classifications.

The most important distinguishing features are is area of origin, purity, colour content (crocin), bitter substance content (picrocrocin) and aroma (safranal). Saffron is classified and differentiated according to different standards: in addition to ISO standard 3632 with its classes I to IV, there are also Spanish and Persian standards.

While the latter two are more of a physical specification concerning what exact areas of the saffron thread have been processed, the ISO standard defines precise limits on the chemical state of the product.



All Red

Poushal/ Mancha


Saffron Powder

When it comes to the success of your product, one thing is of particular importance: the optimal raw material for your products. SNA has extensive experience in this area. We have gained our expertise through our long-term presence and experience in the saffron industry, which we are also continuously expanding through our exchange and cooperation with our customers. Saffron and many other spices are easier to process in powder form. However, it should be noted that incorrect grinding can lead to a loss of colour, aroma, taste and essential oils because, among other things, it generates heat and many other factors play a role. We will be delighted to use all our experience to support and advise our customers in selecting suitable parameters for processing and grinding the saffron so that they can use it to refine their products.

We can offer our saffron powder with the following parameters:

75 µm

212 µm

500 µm

2000 µm

4750 µm

Ideas in saffron

Together with our customers, we develop new product ideas and analyse market trends for everything to do with saffron. We help you create innovative and engaging products or refine existing products with saffron. We will be more than delighted to assist you with our many years of experience and our passion for this wonder of nature. we offer you "ideas in saffron"!

The saffron harvest

The annual saffron harvest, where crocuses only bloom once a year for a few weeks, begins in mid-October and reaches its peak between the end of October and the beginning of November. The harvest takes place before daybreak to protect the flower from sunlight and dew.

The saffron threads have to be plucked from thousands of flowers. This is because every single flower only produces three saffron threads (stigmas) that are plucked from the flower by hand. A picker can only harvest around 500 gr a day. Around 190,000 flowers have to be plucked to produce 1 kilo of saffron – a job that no machine in the world can do. And: one hectare of cultivated land produces an average of just 5½ kilos of saffron.

Every year, at the beginning of the season, we replenish our warehouse with the fresh harvest. By doing so, we ensure that we meet the annual demand of our customers and the markets for excellent and high-quality saffron. In this respect, many of our customers appreciate our special service for ordering their complete annual requirement before the harvest and then retrieving it off from our warehouse throughout the year. And there is one thing you should know: you can rely on us as your partner.