Our quality commitment

We use our enormous passion and our knowledge in its entirety to achieve the highest quality and your complete satisfaction. Satisfied customers, the most advanced procedures based on the highest quality standards and a motivated workforce form the basis for our success. To achieve our goals, we have developed requirements and criteria for processes that address customer focus, product safety, employee qualification and sustainability that we monitor and evaluate regularly.

SNA has established quality monitoring procedures for each individual process step. This begins well before the harvest, namely with our choice of saffron farmers. Our standardised SNA quality process begins with the purchase of the saffron, which we undertake ourselves locally in the country of origin. After we receive the goods in our warehouse in Hamburg, we arrange for their re-analysis by an accredited laboratory. Each batch number is also checked for prohibited dyes and pesticides and random checks are performed for (micro-)biological hazards. The goods are only released for production and sale when a 100% positive analysis results. This is the way that we ensure that only goods of perfect and standardised quality are produced and put into circulation. The proper storage, processing and packaging of the goods ensure that the quality remains unimpaired. All the goods are identified in an appropriate manner. Their path can be traced at all stages of production, processing and sale. Complete quantitative tracing from the origin to the customer, including all processing steps, is guaranteed at all times.

The entire procurement process and the production and storage in Hamburg is monitored and documented. Our HACCP system allows us to guarantee clearly structured and preventive quality assurance measures in production and packaging when handling saffron, entirely in the spirit of consumer protection. All quality assurance measures for maintaining product safety, quality and compliance are carefully planned, monitored and controlled.


Unser Qualitätsmanagement ist zertifiziert. Die Klassifizierung unseres Roten Goldes erfolgt auf Basis des ISO-Standards 3632. Damit gewährleisten wir eine gleichbleibende Qualität und Sicherheit unseres Safrans innerhalb jedes einzelnen Prozesses über die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette hinweg.

To be able to guarantee our high-quality standards at all times, our employees also regularly attend seminars and workshops. What is more, a specialist teams of experts constantly audits, assesses and advises us so that a continuous process of improvement is guaranteed. A safe and high-quality product results at the end of this process. And that we promise you.