Processing and Service

We process 100 % real Category I (ISO 3632) saffron. Here in Hamburg, we produce saffron powder exclusively from saffron threads that we have imported and cleaned ourselves in order to ensure purity of the variety. However, we can also offer other classes and typifications on request.

Our production and services at a glance:

Germ reduction using special SNA processes

Our batches are examined for pesticides and (micro-)hazards as soon as they are received during incoming control. Only those batches that provide a completely flawless analysis are released for processing and sale.

Additional germ reduction may also be desired depending on the requirements of the customer or the area of use. Using a computer-controlled process developed especially for saffron by SNA - SSP (SNA Saffron Sterilisation Process), a physical sterilisation process to reduce the microbial colonisation of saffron from 3 to 7 log - we effectively reduce the microbiological germ load in an entirely natural way using pressure, moisture and heat without the use of chemicals. This ensures gentle treatment that protects the aroma without the obligation to declare.

The quality of the product remains fully preserved thanks to this process. The volatile oil content, which is the most difficult to retain, is also kept constant during our treatment. And there's even more: our experience allows us to maximise the efficiency of colour, aroma and flavour.

Milling and pulverisation with the Safran Ultraplex Fine Mill (SUFM)

Our high-performance and state-of-the-art ultraplex fine mills are specially produced for milling saffron and, with a speed of up to 21,000 rpm, offer the highest level of milling and pulverisation quality available. In this way, we guarantee a gentle process for milling and grinding the saffron while maintaining the colour, aroma and taste values as well as the essential oils.

By using saffron ultraplex fine mills, we achieve 50 to 80 percent higher colour, aroma and taste values than other milling methods. Depending on the requirements and the area of use, we offer degrees of grinding and milling with a defined end fineness of between 10 and 0.08 mm.

Sieving with a vibrating sieve machine

With our vibrating sieve machine, we offer another device for controlling the quality of the saffron powder. The calibrated sieves guarantee a uniform powder size for special applications as a raw material, intermediate and end product. The regulated electromagnetic drive facilitates perfect adaptation to the material being sieved and a high degree of separation. Its three-dimensional throwing motion facilitates precise, efficient and reproducible sieving. Thanks to the digital parameter setting and calibration certificate, it proves indispensable for all who value precision in quality control and work according to ISO 9001 guidelines.

Food Safety (foreign body detection)

Our HACCP system and risk analysis ensures that we have risk assessment in place for foreign bodies. Visual controls performed by our staff, and sieving and metal detection using intelligent technology for detecting foreign bodies, guarantee the safety of our products


Our electronic measuring devices are calibrated. They are controlled and calibrated regularly. We pack cans and bags ranging from 0.5 to 600 g in weight for you with our filling systems and also manually

Packaging and storage

Product descriptions and specifications as well as declarations of conformity in accordance with EU legislation are available for all our packaging materials (food contact conditions). Our saffron warehouse in Germany (Hamburg) is temperature and humidity controlled.